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Sailing Adventures

Sailing around the world is a dream many sailors and cruisers share. It involves getting thousands of nautical miles under your belt, exploring new countries and tasting new cuisines, stargazing in the middle of an ocean, experiencing exotic cultures, making lots of new friends from all over the world, and much more.  We can only imagine the incredible memories you'll make as you set sail on your journey and we would be proud to be part of your adventure by providing you with a comprehensive medical kit that ensures you are prepared for any emergency.

Having a clinically-assembled medical kit on board is an important aspect to consider when planning your voyage.

Not only will it ensure that you are prepared for any emergency, but it will also give you peace of mind as you explore the world.

Depending of your cruising, boat dimensions and crew, we have specially designed the YMS Medical kit with the following features:

Compact storage space for minimal weight and dimensions

Waterproof bag to ensure optimal conditions for the items inside

An easy-to-use system for quick item retrieval in case of emergency

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