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Medical Chest Certificate

Yacht Medical Supply simplifies the certification process for medical supplies on board, including assessing needs, inventory control, adjustments, replenishment, and issuing of the Medical Chest Certificate. We have in-depth knowledge of maritime and offshore regulations, allowing us to meet any requirements set forth by the flag state of your vessel.


To ensure continued compliance throughout the year, we notify you when your certificate is approaching expiration and work with you to select the most convenient and cost-effective port for restocking and recertification. 


We offer a comprehensive inventory management solution that allows you to accurately track and monitor the compliance of your Medical Chest onboard. 

Our inventory references the most common flag states and mandatory requirements, such as UK MSN1905, Malta LN465, WHO 3°Edition, Marshall Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Luxembourg, and more. 


Once your vessel's inventory is confirmed, we will replenish the medical supplies on board and provide a new Medical Chest certificate.


Depending on your location, we are conducting on-board inspections at various locations to assess and update the medical chest and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.  Attending on board is an essential aspect of our work, as allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of the crew in the demanding maritime environment.


 Additionally, we aim to establish a connection with the crew and build trustful collaboration and assistance over time. This helps us to ensure that our clients have the necessary resources to operate safely and effectively at sea.

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