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Who We Are

Yacht Medical Supply (YMS) is a leading medical supplier to the yachting industry, based in La Spezia, Italy.

We have been providing professional, reliable, and high-quality services to yacht owners, captains, crew, and management companies for over 15 years.

Our commitment to work ethics, quality assurance, and efficiency has helped us build a successful business and work environment.


We offer custom medical kits for yachts of all sizes, including replacements for existing, outdated items and new purchases with brand-new medical equipment. Our range of medical kits includes general first aid, MCA compliant kits as for various flag registration, defibrillators, and an extensive range of medical supplies.

Our team will work with you to improve and find solutions for medical support offshore, ensuring your vessel and crew are fully prepared to handle any emergency.

We are grateful for the experience we have gained over the years and provide cost-effective solutions to the needs of our clients worldwide.

Our commitment is to establish trustful collaboration and assistance with our clients over time.

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