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Together on your sea journey!

Be prepared for any emergency

at sea with our yacht medical kit.

Private Boat Medical Kits

Private cruising vessels around the world require comprehensive medical kits on board to handle medical emergencies or unexpected health issues that may arise in remote locations, where immediate medical attention is not readily available.


Private Ocean Medkit


Short range Medkit

will give you the peace of mind of being well equipped and prepared for any situation that may arise.

The kit can be expanded to include oxygen, defibrillators and various custom kits depending on the crew’s activities.

Commercial Medical Kits

The classes of MCA regulation kits include medical kits in categories A, B and C.

The kits are intended for vessels engaged in commercial activities such as chartering and other commercial activities.


MSN 1905 CATEGORY A – Ocean going Vessels with no limit on distance from shore.

MSN 1905 CATEGORY B – Ocean going Vessels travelling up to 150NM from shore

MSN 1905 CATEGORY C – Vessels staying close to shore (60NM limitation

Other flag states regulation Medical kits compliant:



Customized Medical Kits

Our expertise and understanding of maritime medicine has led us to develop a range of specialized medical kits that are tailored to specific areas and activities on board of your vessel.

Pediatric kit

Tender kit

Consumables kit

Jelly fish sting kit

First aid emergency bag

Water sport kit

Diagnostic kit

Burn kit

Eye wash station

Color coded

Our medical bags feature color-coded pouches for quick and easy identification of contents, making it easy to find the right items in an emergency situation.

Labeled in English

All items are labeled in English and include reference codes, so you can quickly identify what you need and how to use it.

Easily Transportable

The bags themselves are designed to be easily transportable to the patient, so you can quickly and efficiently respond to an emergency.

Clearly labeled

Each pouch is clearly labeled with its contents, so you know exactly what you're looking for.

Clinically organised

The categories within the bags are packed in a clinically organized manner, ensuring that the items you need are easy to find and access.

Designed to simplify

your on board pharmacy



in compliance with UK MSN1905 Scale A up to 10 crew

The sea is a unique and challenging environment where specialized care is essential in the event of an acute medical incident.

In such situations, medical professionals may not be readily available and access to qualified medical care may be delayed for hours or even days.

In order to effectively respond to emergency situations, it is crucial to have a clinically assembled medical kit on hand.

The YMS medical kit can be upgraded with additional Telemedical 24/7 Doctor's Assistance.

*The following set-up is an example,

our kits are customized and designed to fit each customer's specific needs



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