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Yacht Medical Supply

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Who We Are


Yacht Medical Supplies has been built on the foundation of professional, reliable and high quality services by providing cost effective solutions to the needs of clients worldwide.

Based in La Spezia, Italy, YMS is a leading medical supplier to the yachting industry and has been working with yacht owners, captains, crew and management companies for over 15 years.

We are grateful for the experience we have gained over these years and we place great emphasis on work ethics, quality assurance and efficiency, which we believe are important to creating a successful business and work environment.
YMS provides custom medical kits for yachts of all sizes, either as replacements for existing, outdated items or as new purchases with brand new medical equipment.

We offer all types of medical kits from general first aid to MCA compliant kits, various flag registration medical kits as well as defibrillators and an extended range of medical supplies.

We will work with you to improve and find solutions on planning for medical support offshore so that your vessel and crew are fully prepared to handle any emergency.

Who We Are


Medical Kits

YMS supplies medical kits that are in compliance with Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and with various flag registration and regulations followed.

Our team will ensure that you are adequately prepared and safe for any challenges that may arise from sea to shore.


Telemedical Support

The sea is a unique and challenging environment where care must be provided in the event of an acute medical incident. 

Yacht Medical Supply provides an emergency number for 24/7 remote emergency support. 


Crew Training

YMS provides medical first aid training including CPR, choking, fractures, burns, shock, anaphalaxis and use of a defibrillator in the event of a medical emergency on board. Courses can be tailored to the specific needs of your vessel and the number of crew members.


Medical Chest Certificate &

Inventory Management

Yacht Medical Supply facilitates the entire certification process, including needs assessment, inventory control, adjustments, replenishment and final issue of a Medical Chest certificate.

Racing Adventures

Yacht Medical Supplies enthusiastically supports skippers around the world by providing them with comprehensive medical equipment that has been specifically designed and developed for Ocean Racing.

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Formula Medicine Race Division

We are very proud to participate, with Formula Medicine project, supplying our YMS Medical Bags System.
Formula Medicine is providing the Medical Staff and the complete Medical Service to all the Formula 1 teams at all Racing events.

Health, well-being and mental efficiency: these are necessary prerogatives not just for Formula 1 drivers and top-level athletes but also for professionals who deal with the challenges of the modern workplace every day. Formula Medicine has developed a Corporate programme, specifically designed for companies and professionals, and aimed at offering a complete service including medical check-ups and physical and mental training.
At YMS we have worked hard to create a product that, with such a simplicity, can be switched from the Yachting industry to the Formula 1.
We love to see our Medical bags on track in such a challenging environment, where performance, quality and safety is everything.

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