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Medical Chest Certificate
& Inventory Management

Yacht Medical Supply facilitates the entire certification process, including needs assessment, inventory control, adjustments, replenishment and final issue of a Medical Chest certificate.

With our comprehensive knowledge of maritime and offshore regulations, we can easily meet any of your requirements.

YMS continues to strive to ensure continued compliance throughout the year by notifying you when your certificate is about to expire and selecting the most convenient and cost-effective port for restock and recertification.


Our Inventory management and the English labelling of the pharmaceuticals with reference codes, description and dosage will help your crew to organise their Medical Chest of the On Board Pharmacy.

We offer a comprehensive inventory management solution that allows you to accurately track and monitor the compliance of your Medical Chest onboard.

The inventories refer to the most common flag states and mandatory requirements like UK MSN1905, Malta LN145, WHO 3°Edition, Marshall Island, Luxembourg and more. Once your vessel's inventory is confirmed, we will replenish the medical supplies on board, including a new Medical Chest Certificate.